open Design

Build your own environment sensor based on an ESP32 and contribute to our open source hardware and software projects.

online graphs

Register your device to contribute and browse interactive dashboards with data from around the world.

Sensor Packed

Using a BME280, environment samples including temperature, humidity, and pressure are taken every few minutes.

long battery life

With a low-power design, environment sensors can last weeks on a single charge.

Build Your Own!

Our prototype device is based on off-the-shelf hardware available at most online retailers for less then $30. Click below for a parts guide and instructions to easily build you own monitoring device.

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Interactive Dashboards



Historical data

Review device history for up to 5 years when you register your device.


The device will periodically check for and apply firmware updates.

wifi connectivity

At each scheduled interval, the device will wake up and report metrics to the specified host.

Bluetooth setup

When in configuration mode, the device can be configured from your smartphone via BLE.

Our Team

Operating as small team with big ambitions, every contribution to the project helps us grow.

Matt Clark

Founder, Chief Engineer

From concept to implementation, Matt is responsible for all aspects of the EnvSense hardware, software, and web infrastructure.